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Funkita Swimwear Guide: Everything You Need to Know 2022

Funkita Swimwear Guide: Everything You Need to Know 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to Funkita Swimwear

For all the Swimmers and Swim Parents Out There

Funkita Swimwear is the most popular swim brand available! UK club and competitive swimmers simply love their stunning designs, high-quality finishing and durable fabrics. Plus their range of stylish back styles. Made for different body sizes, shapes and modesty levels.

The Funkita Swimwear Everything You Need to Know Guide 2022 is essential for swimmers and swim parents. Giving you information about the fabric, sizing and fit of each back style. Plus, a peek at their latest swimwear releases.


Funkita C-Infinity – Chlorine Resistant Technology

Funkita Swimsuits are constructed to a very high-quality standard. It is easy to see why active swimmers love them so much. With neat double stitching and high-quality fabric. Funkita swimsuits are made to last!

The durable and chlorine resistant fabric used for the swimsuits is called C-Infinity. It is an Italian spun 100% polyester that outperforms and outlasts competitors. Retaining shape and colour even after years of frequent use.

Even better, recently they released a new Eco-C infinity fabric which gives new life to waste, made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. If you are passionate about the environment, then look out for Funkita swimming costumes marked with Eco C-infinity.

Read more information about Funkita C-Infinity Fabric


Funkita Size Guide

Funkita is an Australian brand, therefore they label their sizes a little differently. In the UK we are used to age and chest measurement. Funkita uses dress size, and this sometimes throws new swimmers and swim parents.


Funkita Girls Swimwear Sizes

funkita girls size guide

For more detailed sizing use our - Funkita Girl's Size Chart 


Funkita Swimming Costume for Women Sizes

funkita ladies size guide

The Girls size 14 and Ladies size 8 both measure 32" on the chest. The ladies swimsuit has a longer body and is made for a more mature body shape.

For more detailed sizing use our - Funkita Ladies Size Chart


Funkita Back Style Guide

Funkita has lots of swimwear styles available and every swimmer has their own favourite! To find your favourite we advise trying on as many as possible. But we understand not everyone has that opportunity. That is why we created this fantastic guide with descriptions for each Funkita back style. Plus, information on the differences between the girls and ladies swim costumes.


Funkita Diamond Back One Piece

Funkita Diamond Back

The classic Funkita training swimsuit with the most coverage on the back, leg and bum. It is a versatile choice that will suit the majority of body types. Shoulder straps differ a little on the girls and ladies versions, with a single bind finish on the girls for enhanced freedom of movement. Ladies have a double bind strap for extra comfort and bust support.

The swimsuit has fabric panels for modest cover and back support. Plus, additional front lining for extra comfort and modesty. It is perfect for swim training combining, comfort and modest coverage.


Funkita Single Strap One Piece

Funkita Single Strap

This swimsuit style is perfect for swimmers who prefer thin shoulder straps and an open back. These straps sit comfortably on your shoulders away from your important working parts. It means there is less chance of rubbing and gives you a full range of movement. The style has less coverage across the back and shoulders, with moderate cover on the leg and bum like the diamond back. There is also full front lining giving you comfort and modesty.


Funkita Strapped In One Piece

Funkita Strapped In

Features single bind straps that criss-cross down your back with a keyhole shape. It fits firmly onto your body and is well suited to those with a slimmer, longer torso. This strap detailing is eye-pleasing and comfortable with a full range of motion. The leg and bum cut is moderately high, showing a little more than the diamond back and single strap styles. You will still be covered throughout your swim training. Again, the swimming costume has a full front lining for added comfort and modesty.


Funkita Tie Me Tight One Piece

Funkita Tie Me Tight

For the perfect fit each time this style offers you the flexibility to tie it the way you like it. Making it suitable for most body shapes and sizes. If you're long and tall you can tie it loose for extra length on the shoulder, or if your short you can tie the straps tighter. This style has a moderately high cut and shows a little more leg than a diamond back or single strap. You get full front lining for that added comfort.


Funkita Twisted One Piece

Funkita Twisted Back

This swimsuit style has a decorative twisted strap at the top of the back. The converging straps are usually contrasting colours creating an attractive feature. It offers excellent freedom of movement as the thin single bind straps sit on the shoulder away from your moving parts. The twisted back style has a very open back and cutaway sides. On the girls' swimsuit the cut on the leg and bum is moderate and the same as the diamond back or single strap styles. Ladies twisted backs have a high cut on the leg and rear and is more suited to those who like to show off a little skin. Both have a full front lining for your comfort and modesty.


Funkita Ladies Single Strength One Piece

Funkita Single Strength

This one is almost identical to the single strap back style. It features minimal panelling and seams and has a slightly higher leg.


Funkita Brand Extra Information

Funkita Brand Ambassadors

Here are some of the top UK Athletes involved with FUNKITA! Why not follow them on social media and see their swimming athlete lifestyle and progress?

  • Aimee Willmott – Team GB, Olympian and British Commonwealth Champion swimmer who has just finished racing in the 2019 world championships in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Tain Bruce – Fly Swimmer from Scotland competing in top-level competitions.
  • Ellen Walshe – 100 Fly Swimmer competed at world champs, Gwangju & Tokyo 2020 summer games.
  • Georgia Coates – 200 breast swimmer, Team GB’s youngest 2016 Olympian. Swam at world champs, Gwangju.
  • Jessica Fullalove – A backstroke swimmer from Manchester, swam in world Champs, Gwangju.
  • Laura Stephens – 200 Fly Swimmer, who currently studies Architectural Engineering. Swam at National Champs, Gwangju & Tokyo 2020 summer games.


Funkita Social Media

Keep up to date on all things FUNKITA, join / like / follow the social profiles listed below and you can see their involvement throughout the swimming community.






Funkita Swimwear Collections

There are several new collections released across the year, with fresh designs for you swimmers. You can see the latest collection called - Flying Start here, with their newest collection Resurgence coming soon...


Thank You For Reading

So that is pretty much everything you need to know about Funkita swimwear, if I missed anything please get in contact and tell me! If you enjoyed reading make sure to sign up for our mail list at the bottom of the screen to receive news about sales and helpful blog posts like this one.

Why not check out the Funkitas we have available and make sure you look on-point at the poolside!


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