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funkita swimwear

Funkita Swimwear

Shop Funkita Swimwear here! We have a huge selection of swimsuits available. Including the latest release styles and older designs reduced in the sale. Plus, training accessories, backpacks and more.

Funkita carries the identity of youthfulness and freedom. This is reflected in the exciting printed designs and back styles. It is the most fashionable swim brand available for girls and ladies right now. Made with exclusive fabric C-infinity, this chlorine-resistant swimwear lasts a long time. Retaining the vibrant colour and shape the whole time. Wearing Funkita Swimwear will fill you with confidence at the pool.

Funkita Guides

If you need help with fits and styles use our handy guide - Funkita Swimwear | Everything You Need to Know! For sizing read our Funkita Size Guide

You can also watch our Funkita Swimwear Video Review for a closer look at the swimsuit build quality, designs, back styles, pricing and more. For in-depth information about the fantastic chlorine-resistant fabrics read the Funkita FAQ.


Funkita Back Styles

Funkita has a range of back styles available. They all have different fits, cuts and design features to suit different body shapes and personal preferences. Shop our selection of Funkita Swimwear in your favourite back style.


Shop Funkita by the Latest Collections

There are several collections released each year, with fresh designs each time. You are sure to look bright, bold, beautiful and unique on point on the poolside in a Funkita.

  1. Up the Ante 2024
  2. Dive Time 2023
  3. Light The Fire 2023
  4. Swim Out Loud 2023
  5. Live Wire 2022
  6. Free2Fly 2022
  7. Resurgence 2022
  8. Flying Start 2021
  9. Walk on Water 2021 - Out of Stock
  10. Re-Train 2021
  11. Kickstarter 2020 - Out of Stock
  12. Mother Funky 2020
  13. Hologram 2020


Looking for Funkita Accessories?

If it's backpacks, caps, towels or goggle cases you want, make sure to shop our collection of Funkita Accessories and FUNKY Accessories.

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