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AMANZI Swimwear: Everything You Need to Know

AMANZI Swimwear: Everything You Need to Know


AMANZI Swimwear hails all the way from the sunny coast of Australia, creating chlorine-resistant training swimwear in a beautiful range of bright colours. You can show off your personality with an AMANZI block colour or a unique printed swimsuit. This popular swim brand’s main goal is to make swimmers shine in and out of the water.

AMANZI’s exciting swimwear range is aimed at active and competitive swimmers. With fun, functional swimsuits that look great and help you swim at your best. AMANZI have a range of classic styles to choose from including Knee lengths, Tiebacks and Probacks for the ladies. Over the last decade, we have watched AMANZI Swimwear grow in popularity with club swimmers. Telling us that they love the designs, fit and how long they last.

In this AMANZI Swimwear Everything You Need to Know Guide, we take a close look at the swimwear style range. Explaining the fit, strap style, leg cut, sizing and fabrics. So, if you are thinking of buying an AMANZI, use our guide to help you choose the perfect swimsuit for you.


AMANZI Female Swimsuit Styles

amanzi swimwear styles

You can choose from a range of swimsuit styles that includes the Kneelength, Tie back, Active and the new Pro, called Proback. Let's take a look at each style in more detail;


AMANZI Swimwear Tie Back

amanzi swimwear tie backs

This attractive, fashionable style is an all-purpose training swimsuit with adjustable straps. The thin straps can be tied as you need for a perfect fit. Making it a great choice for anyone with shorter or longer body shapes. This is because you can decide how much length you need in the shoulders. It has a comfortable wide open back for efficiency and reduced drag in the water.

The swimsuit has a medium leg in girls’ sizes for a conservative fit. Ladies' Tie-Backs have a high leg with less coverage, which combined with the bold colours, give this swimsuit choice a serious fashion edge. There are more than 10 gorgeous colours to choose from, so you can really show off your personality. The colours are all bold, bright, and beautiful with something for everyone.

(Tip: Amanzi’s Tie-Back style can be tied in several ways. To give your swimsuit a new perspective.)

amanzi tie back methods

It has been made with AMANZI’s chlorine-resistant fabric – AMANZI Armor. This guarantees a long lifespan, regardless of how often you swim. With 100% polyester front lining. Complete with silver foil eye-catching logos on the front and rear.

The AMANZI Tie Back one-piece is a great swimsuit choice for fashion-minded swimmers. Whether you swim for fitness, fun or for a club, it will last a long time and look great throughout. This style has a fashionably high leg that will show off some cheek, perfect for confident ladies. Girls' sizes have a medium leg length for modest coverage.



AMANZI Swimwear Proback One Piece

amanzi swimwear proback

This new Pro One Piece style is suitable for competitive swimmers and active swimmers. The style features thin shoulder straps with an emphasis on ease of movement and freedom. Plus, a wide-open back that is efficient under the water and comfortable to use.

AMANZI Proback has a medium leg height and is great for all figures, keeping you covered while you swim. Complete with front lining you can swim in complete comfort and confidence. This exciting new swimming costume has a range of wild printed designs. The patterns are deeply intricate and detailed and look amazing in and out of the water.

AMANZI Proback swimsuits are made with AMANZI Armor fabric, which is chlorine resistant. This durable fabric is long-lasting and will also retain vibrant printed patterns.

The Pro one-piece style perfectly blends, comfort, efficiency, modesty and fashion. For a fun printed swimming costume that looks and feels great. We think this style is perfect for club swimmers training regularly.



AMANZI Swimwear Kneelength

amanzi swimwear kneesuits

AMANZI Kneelength swimsuits can be used for racing and training. Perfect for entry-level racing or club gala competitions. They have a tight fit and an ergonomic open back following your body’s natural contours. So you glide through the water, keeping drag to a minimum.

The leg suit provides modest coverage and will make you feel full of confidence. It has wide shoulder straps and a backband, for a secure fit that provides added bust support. The straps are pulled away from the shoulder blades for excellent freedom of movement.

AMANZI’s knee lengths are much more durable than dedicated racing leg suits. This is because they are made with AMANZI Armor chlorine-resistant fabric. They are fitted more tightly than AMANZI one-piece swimsuits, to reduce drag. But they don’t have compression technology in the fabric.

This swimsuit style has a mix of great features that make it excellent on race day. Even better you can wear it repeatedly with no fear of the chlorine stretching it out of shape. You can warm up in it and even train in it. This versatile well-fitted swimsuit is modest and available in some amazing colours and printed designs. Making this style an excellent choice for all levels of competing swimmers.



AMANZI Active One-Piece

This style seems to be discontinued for now. It can still be found online and features wide straps. Giving added support to the bust. Plus, a medium leg length for good coverage. This style was available in a range of printed designs.


AMANZI Swimwear Size Guide

This guide will show you how each swimsuit style measures up. Check the measurements carefully because they are slightly different across the swimwear choices. We always suggest using your chest size as the main measurement when choosing swimwear. AMANZI swimwear follows this in their sizing, using the chest size number for the label. Girls 24, 26, 28, and 30 correspond to 24”, 26”, 28” and 30” chest measurements. It is the same in the ladies.

To accurately measure the chest, use a tape measure. Looping around the chest at the widest point and taking the measurement in inches.


AMANZI One Piece

AMANZI one-piece swimsuits measure large. We would suggest buying the size down from your measurement. So, for example, if you are a 30” chest (or girls 12 Funkita) go for an AMANZI 28 in the one-piece. Always check the measurement in the listing as it may differ slightly for different printed designs.

For all AMANZI swimwear, girls one-piece swimming costumes are available in 24 (06), 26 (08), 28 (10) and 30 (12). Ladies AMANZI swimwear for one-pieces starts at 32 (08), 34 (10), 36 (12) and 38 (14).

AMANZI Kneelength

The AMANZI knee-length swimsuits are very true to size. Being made for competitive racing the fit is tight and we suggest choosing your measurement. So, for example, if your chest is 30” (or girls 12 Funkita) go for AMANZI 30 in the kneelength.

Girls AMANZI knee lengths are available in sizes 26, 28, 30 and 32. Ladies AMANZI kneelengths start at 34 (10), 36 (12), 38 (14), and 40 (16). Ladies who measure a 32” chest (size 08) should choose a girl 32.

For more detailed information and exact swimsuit measurements please use - AMANZI’s Size-Chart.


How to Care for Your AMANZI Swimwear

All AMANZI Swimwear is constructed with their chlorine-resistant fabric AMANZI Armor. It is tough and durable, but you can also help increase the lifespan by following these simple steps.

  • As with all training swimwear make sure you rinse off the chlorine after your swim. You can simply do this in the shower or a sink.
  • Let it dry off naturally. Tip use a mesh bag to allow airflow to pass through.
  • Don’t wash in a mashing machine. If you need to wash, just use a mild detergent, and hand wash. Tip chlorine is bleach so it is cleaning your swimsuit as you swim.
  • Don’t use any heat source to dry your swimsuit like radiators. The fabric is quick-drying and can dry off easily.

For extra information about the AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric read this quick info guide.


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Thanks for reading our AMANZI Swimwear: Everything You Need to Know Guide. You should now understand what style is best for you and how to choose the right size. Interested in buying an AMANZI swimsuit? Check out our collection of AMANZI swimsuits here!