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Swans FO2 Prescription Swimming Goggles - Black

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Swans FO2 Prescription Lens Swimming Goggles

The Swans FO2 prescription swimming goggles come equipped with specially manufactured optical lenses. They are available in a variety of strengths using the same dioptre scale used for prescription glasses.


The goggles have a low profile to reduce drag and interchangeable nose pieces and easy adjust straps. They are suitable for training and competition. The goggles come with two lenses of the same power and they are pre-assembled and ready to use. If you require different strengths for each eye, you will need to order a custom pair here.

Selecting the Correct Lens Type

You will need to have your eyes tested first by a professional optician, use your prescription for standard spectacles and use the formula below;

Your prescription should look like similar to this:

Swans Prescription Goggle Guide

You need to use the number for Sph (sphere) and Cyl (cylinder) values for each eye.

Use the following formula to calculate the dioptre required: Dioptre = Sph + (Cyl / 2)

Using the prescription example above:
Right eye = -2.0 + (-1.0 / 2) = -2.5
Left eye = -2.5 + (-2.0 / 2) = -3.5

If your dioptre falls between two of the options on offer, please move down to the next available dioptre. For example, if your prescription is -3.75 then move down to -3.5.

Does it matter if I have an astigmatism?

No. The above calculation will allow for your astigmatism. If your astigmatism is over 2.00 (as indicated by the cylinder value) - you may need to consider a custom made product.

Suitable for age 16 years+
UV protection lenses Yes
Anti-fog lenses Yes
Latex free Yes
Available lens colours Grey tinted
Approximate lens length 61mm
Approximate lens height 41mm
Approximate lens depth 12mm
Approximate unstretched strap length 546mm
Approximate optical centres (with mid-sized nose bridge) 67mm
Brand Swans
Manufacturer Swans
Approximate weight 45g

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