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Finis Alignment Kickboard - Yellow

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Finis Kickboard

The FINIS Alignment Kickboard has been designed to go below the water surface to improve body position and decrease strain on the lower back and shoulders. This kickboard uses a hydrodynamic design to improve body position. It is much smaller than a standard kickboard and floats just below the surface, encouraging better body position. This smaller size also makes it possible to practice turns.

The stabilizing hand strap allows complete control of the board without having to grip the edges, creating a perfect alignment from the fingertips to the toes. When used properly, the Alignment Kickboard sits just below the waterline so swimmers can straighten their bodies without kicking downwards at an incline. When compared to a normal kickboard it is much more versatile and gets swimmers into good habits.


Use for Kicking & Side Kicking Drills

Shorter in design, the Alignment Kickboard puts less pressure on shoulders as compared to standard kickboards. A great training tool, the board can be used to do one arm and side kicking drills in addition to normal kicking.


Pair with a Snorkel

When paired with a snorkel, the Alignment Kickboard encourages proper head alignment and improves overall technique. Allowing you to concentrate on kick technique and body positioning.


FINIS Alignment Kickboard Features and Benefits

  • HYDRODYNAMIC DESIGN: Promotes a streamlined body position in the water from fingertips to toes
  • SUBMERGE JUST BELOW THE WATERLINE: Creates an ideal body position so the swimmer is flat in the water
  • SMALLER, EFFICIENT SHAPE: Reduces shoulder stress while training
  • VERSATILE TRAINING USES: Great for standard kicking, one-arm drills and side kicking in all four competitive strokes
  • STABILIZING STRAP: Allows control of the board without gripping, and places hands and arms in a proper streamlined position
  • COMFORTABLE EVA FOAM: Helps stop skin irritation and enhanced durability


Check Out How the FINIS Alignment Kickboard Works


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