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Introducing Jay Manners a new, exciting swim vlogger from the North East. Jay started his YouTube channel during the lockdown. His main aim was to keep himself and other swimmers interested in competitive swimming while pools were closed.

After speaking with Jay we found out he enjoys creating content and has grown in confidence through it. He hopes to continue to do it as life returns to normal. His videos range from his training and experiences to one to one interviews with coaches and athletes. Jay's channel invites you inside the life of an aspiring, dedicated swimmer. For young athletes, this gives you a unique look into the life of a swimmer. Letting you in on his mindset for training, racing and his everyday lifestyle. If this interests you, we recommend you check out his YouTube channel.


Check out what Jay Manners had to say about himself

"My name is Jay Manners, I’m 21 years old and represent Derwentside ASC. I have been a competitive swimmer from the age of 8 years old, and since then I have been able to experience the world of swimming and the community behind it which I fell in love with!

My swimming journey so far is quite unique in my opinion. I have been a late developer in the sport, I made my first county and regional championships at the age of 10 and had stayed at that level till I was 15, which I then qualified for my Scottish Short Course Championships. I then stayed at that level till I was 18, I then qualified for my first English Summer Nationals, where I made 2 finals in both of my events (200m Breaststroke, 400m Individual Medley), and secured a silver medal in the 400m Individual Medley. I am also a multiple county and regional champion/medallist. I had qualified for my first British Summer Nationals in 2019 as well as qualifying for the British Championships/World Trials in the 200m Breaststroke in that year.

I was due to compete at the Olympic Trials in 2020 in 5 events but unfortunately this got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then and with the help of my club I was able to find new ways of how I could make myself better out of the water both physically and mentally.

Over this pandemic, I set up my YouTube channel called ‘JManners’ and have done a good number of videos and interviews on there. One of the reasons I set up this channel was to keep people involved with the sport of swimming, and show a different side to it to hopefully get people interested who don’t quite understand what goes on in swimming. Even, if I get 1 person in a leisure pool and to start up swimming, I know I have done my job!

I also want to get rid of the stigma that when you get into your 20s you’re then “too old” for the sport. One of the things I have learned from the sport is to be patient and resilient. I could have easily left the sport at a younger age because I wasn’t qualifying for nationals because all the kids around me qualifying and it seemed like I was the only that wasn’t, but I used this as motivation to work hard every day in training and to persevere in order to achieve my goals!"


Keep up to date with Jay's journey

We will be championing Jay's content and keeping you updated with new releases. As well as posting some exclusive help videos. These will include testing and reviewing swimming training equipment plus help tutorials and how to videos.

For all his latest releases follow Jay Manners at his YOUTUBE channel and through FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & TWITTER.