Boy's & Men are you thinking of getting a new training swimsuit? Watch our Funky Trunks Spraying Alive Training Jammer review, for an inside look at Funky Trunks swimwear. We take a look at one of the new popular designs Spraying Alive and show off the features and benefits.

You will get a close look at the material, construction and print quality. So, if you are considering Funky Trunks training jammers this video will help you make a decision.

Watch Our Funky Trunks Spraying Alive Training Jammer Review

Key Features and Benefits of Funky Trunks Jammers

Thanks for watching our review we hope that it gives you an insight into this fabulous swimwear. Here are the main takeaways;

  • Funky Trunks training jammers are durable and finished to a high quality
  • C-Infinity fabric construction is very resistant to chlorine and retains its colour and shape for a long time
  • Their designs are bold, unique and fun
  • Funky Trunks come in a wide variety of designs, with something to suit everyone's personality
  • A Funky Trunks jammer provides modest hip to knee coverage
  • They are available in boy's and mens sizes
  • Funky Trunks jammers are comfortable and perfect for long training sessions

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If you liked the look of those training jammers then shop the new collection Flying Start, released in October 2021.

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