Take a Look at Funkita's Newest Swimwear!

The New Funkita collection Kick Starter launches mid November. Use this guide to see the new Funkita swimwear that will be available at Ness Swimwear. Below the swimsuits are organised into their back styles so you can easily see which designs are available in your preferred fit. Why not search through your favourite styles and pick out the designs that catch your eye. Which Funkita will be your new favourite!?

Funkita Kick Starter Collection


Tie me Tight One Piece

Funkita Tie Me Tight

This back design grows more popular each season, with moderate leg and rear coverage. The back straps can be tied for the perfect fit. In girls sizes we have Fossil Fuel & Cut Lines available. For Ladies we have the swimsuits designs Cut Lines & Bio Cell.


Diamond Back One Piece

Funkita Diamond Back

The original back style with excellent leg and rear coverage and top support. With thicker double bind straps that provide comfort and support while swimming. Girls swimsuits with diamond backs are My Tribe & Pink Petal. With My Tribe also available in ladies sizes.


Single Strap One Piece

Funkita Single Strap

Durable and Comfortable the single strap is ideal for swimmers who prefer thinner straps and less back coverage. It offers excellent freedom of movement and has moderate leg and rear coverage. In girls swimsuits we have Lunchtime Dip & Falling Water designs. The ladies single strap costumes come in Falling Water and Hyper Inflation.


Strapped in One Piece

Funkita Strapped In

The strappy back swimsuit has upper and lower criss-crossing straps and provides an extra secure hold. It is an excellent choice for swimmers with longer torso's. Funkita's strapped in back style shows more leg with a moderate-high leg cut and rear coverage. For girls we have the Spray Tagged swimsuit and Ladies the Organica design.


Twisted One Piece

Funkita Twisted Back

The newest Funkita back style features intricate, stylish twisting back straps at the top of the back. It provides excellent freedom of movement and has moderate leg and rear coverage. We have girls twisted back swimsuits in Bio Cell and Sunset Swirl.