Using a swim snorkel in your training has some huge benefits. Including, balancing your stroke, perfecting body & head position, focus on improving overall technique and even kick sets. Check out our 3 Best Snorkels for Pool Swimming and lap sessions in 2021.

Best Swimming Pool Snorkel for Beginners

New starters should consider the Arena Swim Snorkel III. This well-made snorkel has everything young swimmers need. It is extremely easy to use with an adjustable strap and comes with a rotating centre mount. So, you can move the mouthpiece to chat between sets or talk to your coach. A big bonus is the one-way purge valve, which stops your swimmer from inhaling any water. Available in three colours and available to buy now here.

Arena Swim Snorkel 3

Best Snorkel for Fast Swimmers

The FINIS Stability Snorkel Speed has been made for advanced competitive swimmers. It features a unique design that can withstand training at high speeds and sprints. With a curved, low drag air tube that fits the natural curve of your forehead. It is very secure and stable, even without the traditional bracket. The mouthpiece can swivel when not being used, so you can talk between sets. Plus, the mouthpiece can be adjusted for 5 different lengths for an excellent fit. Shop for FINIS Stability Snorkel Speed.

Finis Stability Snorkel Speed

Best Budget Snorkel for Club Swimmers

Our top pick for a swim snorkel on a budget is the Speedo Centre Snorkel Camo. This attractive training snorkel is only £20.00 and has a centre mount, easy-adjust straps and will fit easily with goggles and masks. It lacks the purge valve of the Arena Swim Snorkel III and feels a little heavier than our other choices. Shop The Speedo Centre Snorkel Camo.

Speedo Swim Snorkel Camo

Want More Detailed Swim Snorkel Information?

Thanks for checking out our top swimming snorkels for pool swimming. Are you after some more detailed information and pro tips about using swim snorkels? Check out this handy blog from

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